Welcome to Meauxtography's online store site! My name is Abby Meaux and I am the owner / operator of Meauxtography! I just received my Master's degree in English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Creative Writing, but besides writing, I like to spread my creativity across the board with photography and crafts for local festivals. I am engaged to a wonderful guy named Jared Conques who introduced me to the art in his life which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our plan is to build our own wedding DIY style within a year's time, so we'll see if we can armbar this wedding planning! My favorite aspect of photography is portraiture. I believe so much can be said with a simple facial expression and features. The lines on an elderly person's face can almost tell the story of the journey they've been through while at the same time, the big brown eyes of a newborn baby is a window into the soul of a small person ready to tackle life! I also find inspiration in everyday objects and have an other worldly kind of love for all things New Orleans through my lens. Thank you for visiting the site and letting me share my little pictographic stories through the photos I've taken of others!